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New Courses
and Updated Schedule

1- Initiation: This is a comprehensive 4-week introductory course designed to impart the fundamental skills of mosaic art through a month-long project. It's priced at $300 and a $75 material fee. Classes are held once a week for 3 hours over 4 consecutive weeks.

2-In-Depth: In this course, participants have the freedom to explore their creative potential, working on their own projects while receiving expert guidance. This course is priced at $300 for 4 weeks, with sessions lasting 3 hours each. Students provide their own materials, tools, and tiles.

3-Long-Term Project: Tailored for independent learners seeking advice and support in managing their ongoing projects. This class is available at a rate of $75 for a 3-hour session

The class sizes are intentionally small, no more than six students, ensuring personalized attention and instruction.

In addition to these core courses, I also offer on-demand activities such as Team Building Workshops and Workshops for Kids and Teens.


All classes have been designed to fit in an open time frame to accommodate various preferences and availability:

​-Tuesdays between  1pm and 6pm.

- Wednesdays between 5 pm and 9 pm.

- Thursdays between 1pm and 8pm


Address: Artists and Makers- 11810 Parklawn Dr, Rockville- Studio 30
Contact me 301-624-3751 or themosaicbox@gmai

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